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Pododermatitis in dogs and cats

Pododermatitis is an inflammatory (red, hot, painful) disease that involves the feet of dogs and, less commonly, cats.

Feline plasma cell pododermatitis

Additional information

Pododermatitis is a commen inflammatory, multifaceted complex of diseases that involve the feet of dogs and, less commonly, cats.

Many conditions and/or diseases may cause pododermatitis, including infectious, allergic, autoimmune, endocrine/metabolic, neoplastic, or environmental diseases. Psychogenic dermatoses are also rarely involved. The pathophysiology of each case of pododermatitis will depend upon the underlying etiology, if it can be identified. The distribution of the lesions may be helpful. If only one paw or digit is involved, for example, a foreign body, local trauma, or neoplasia should be suspected.

Systems Affected
Skin-primary or secondary infection (bacterial, fungal, or parasitic/exocrine), neoplasia, or as target organ for underlying autoimmune, endocrine, or other systemic disease. Paronychia (ungual folds, claw folds) are also involved.


Dog: common clinical entity Cat: uncommon clinical entity
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