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Coonhound Paralysis

Coonhound paralysis is an acute neurologic disorder in dogs affecting the nerves controlling the muscles of the fore- and hind limbs, the muscles of the neck, and the muscles that control breathing and barking.

Brodie has Coonhound Paralysis and is in the initial stages of getting over it. He was able to lift his head and wag his tail when he saw us, which was considered a positive sign by all.

Additional information

  • Acute inflammation of multiple nerve roots and peripheral nerves in dogs, with or without a previous history of contact with a raccoon
  • A proposed animal model for Guillain-Barré syndrome in humans

  • Largely unknown
  • Suspected immune-mediated disease

    Systems Affected
  • Peripheral nervous system with the most severe involvement occurring in the ventral nerve roots and the ventral root components of the spinal nerves
  • Cranial nerves involved in some patients, primarily cranial nerve VII and X
  • Respiratory paralysis secondary to intercostal and phrenic nerve involvement in some patients

  • No proven genetic basis
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