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Vaginal Prolapse in dogs

This term refers to the protrusion (prolapse) of a mass from the vulva during the proestrus or estrus phase in the female dog.

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Protrusion of spherical or donut-shaped mass from vulva during proestrus or estrus
  • Type I--slight eversion of the vaginal floor but no protrusion through the vulva.
  • Type II--vaginal tissue prolapses through the vulvar opening
  • Type III--donut-shaped eversion of the entire vaginal wall, including the urethral orifice. The urethral orifice can be seen ventrally on the prolapsed tissue.
  • Exaggerated response of vaginal mucosa to estrogen. Despite the name, the change seen histopathologically is consistent with edema rather than hyperplasia or hypertrophy.
  • Severe prolapse can affect the urethra and prevent normal urination.

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