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Uterine Infection and Inflammation:Endometritis and Cysts in Horses

Endometritis is a major cause of reduced fertility in mares.

Contamination of the uterus can occur is several ways:
  • during parturation
  • during reproductive examination
  • during artificial insemination or covering
  • selfcontamination owing to conformational changes.

    Additional information

    Infectious agents may cause an uterine infection if the uterine clearance mechanism is defective or if the amount of infectious agents are to large to cope with for this mechanism. A common problem associated with genital infection is pneumovagina. When this condition exists the barrier function of the vulvar lips, the vestibulovaginal sphincter and cervix is impaired. Because of the negative intra-abdominal pressure air together with debris and bacteria is aspirated into the genital tract causing infection.
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