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Guttural pouch mycosis in horses

Guttural pouch mycosis is a fungal infection of the guttural pouch. The guttural pouch is open to the environment and as a result is not sterile. It is unknown what exactly is responsible for the development of guttural pouch mycosis. Fungal infections generally are associated with fungal species that are primary pathogens (organisms that have the ability to cause disease in healthy beings) or immune-suppressed individual horses or those receiving long-term and chronic antibiotic therapy.

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Guttural pouches are air-filled diverticula of the auditory tubes that communicate between the middle ear and the pharynx. Mycosis of the guttural pouch is usually due to ASPERGILLUS. Predilection for dorsal area of pouch. On endoscopy appears as a circumscribed dull brown, green or gray, fuzzy, slightly elevated area on the membrane of the guttural pouch. Dx by culture. Epistaxis at rest is the most common presenting sign. Horner's syndrome, laryngeal hemiplegia, soft palate paresis and blindness due to extension of the lesion to include the optic nerves may be secondary. Erosion of the carotid or maxillary artery may lead to bleeding which can be fatal.
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