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Rhodococcus Infection in Horses [Foal Pneumonia]

The cause of pneumonia in foals: Rhodococcus equi (R equi). If not complicated by sepsis, most causes of foal pneumonia have a good prognosis, but not the bacteria R equi. R equi has an insidious onset and by the time something is distinctly wrong, a lot of permanent damage is done to the lungs.

The presence of nodular lung lesions and mediastinal lymphadenopathy in foals 1-5 mo of age is highly suggestive of R equi .

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One of the most common diseases in foals six months and younger is pneumonia. Though many different organisms can cause foal pneumonia, Rhodococcus equi is considered the most common culprit in a severe case. A nationwide survey indicated that respiratory disease is the third-leading cause of disease in foals and ranks second as a cause of death, following injury or wounds.
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