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Vagal Indigestion (Chronic indigestion)

A condition known as vagal indigestion leading to impaction and enlargement of the abomasum and rumino-reticulum has been seen in cattle and sheep. This is a chronic or subacute problem resulting in forestomach distention, abdominal distention, decreased appetite, weight loss, decreased milk production, decreased manure production, and in some cases bradycardia. Often there are no morphologic changes to account for the presumed vagal nerve problems but abomasal impaction has been associated with chronic reticuloperitonitis or perireticular or periomasal abscess and a tumor of the vagus nerve was associated with this disease.

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Vagal indigestion is characterized by gradual development of rumenoreticular and abdominal distention thought to be the result of lesions affecting the vagus nerve. However, vagal nerve involvement is not present in all cases. The most common cause is traumatic reticuloperitonitis (see Traumatic Reticuloperitonitis). Vagal indigestion is seen in cattle and has been reported in sheep.
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