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Malassezia (Yeast) Infections in Dogs

Malassezia pachydermatis is a yeast that is commonly found on the skin of most dogs and cats. The presence of yeast normally causes few problems, however, in some cases, Malassezia can grow and reproduce in abnormal numbers.

Cocker Spaniel with idiopathic seborrhea and Malassezia otitis externa. Chronic infection has resulted in stenosis of the canal.

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Malassezia dermatitis (MD) occurs when the organism Malassezia pachydermatis, normally a skin and ear canal commensal, causes pruritus and inflammation of the skin. The number of organisms on affected skin is usually higher than normal, but does not always correlate with the degree of pruritus. Most cases are secondary to other seborrheic skin disorders, although primary infections are sometimes seen.
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